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    Newsweek Lays Off Dozens, Just in Time for Christmas


    The email announcement that as many as half of the people on the editorial staff are losing their jobs has drawn comments ranging from “a sad day” to “the best news I've heard all afternoon.”


    “This is a very difficult day, and one that we approach with enormous regret,” they stated. “We are working to ensure that the process is handled as sensitively as possible.”


    For the past several years, the magazine has remained in the public eye through its desperately controversial covers, including one that asked “Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?" back in January; another that declared Obama the “First Gay President” in May; and a recent edition that compared the president to Napoleon Bonaparte while lambasting the GOP as 'Old,' 'White,' and 'History'.

    Perhaps those are one the reasons anonymous blogger Jammie stated that the downsizing of the Newsweek/Daily Beast Company was the “best news I've had all afternoon.”

    After listing the troubles that business has gone through this year, Jammie asked: “Now where'd I leave that world's smallest violin?”

    Anyone notice since the election, nobody is being hired anywhere but massive layoffs are occurring all over the place? Funny how that’s working out.

    “You might not have a job, but you helped get Obama re-elected, and isn’t that all that matters?" Jammie asked the former Newsweek employees.
    Meanwhile, back at the raunch...
    The (Liberal?) Washington Post Co. Will Pay 2013 Dividends In 2012 to Spare Investors from Tax Hikes


    “The Washington Post Co. will pay its 2013 dividends before the end of this year to try to spare investors from anticipated tax increases.” A dividend of $9.80 per share is payable December 27 to shareholders of record instead of quarterly dividends next year.

    Guess who benefits? The nation's leading billionaire advocate of tax hikes: "The Washington Post's dividend payment also stands to benefit those with a significant stake in the company, such as Warren Buffett's firm Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire is its largest shareholder with an estimated 1.7 million shares, which means it could get a roughly $17 million dividend payment."


    The move comes after The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that the Washington Post will join other major national newspapers by installing a paywall and charging readers for online access in 2013 to offset tumbling ad sales.
    It's the payoff from Obama to his MSM contributers. Incidently, WaPO has to borrow the money to pay the dividend. I think that the MSM has some inside information that the rest of us don't have. Does anybody now doubt that Obama wants the US to go over the fiscal cliff?
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