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    With 24 days remaining to strike a deal, the two sides remain far apart. House Speaker John Boehner claimed Friday that President Obama’s offers are just “more of the same.” Democrats say Republicans have to give more on taxes before they can reach a serious agreement.

    Given this divide, it may seem counterintuitive that lawmakers left themselves just two months to negotiate their way out of the crisis – the two months after Election Day and before the Jan 1 deadline.

    But the reality is that lawmakers have been trying to strike this kind of a deal for years, and each time ended up pushing off the very toughest decisions to a future date. The current stand-off is the result of these incremental maneuvers and delayed decisions.

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    Repubs, led by Cry Baby Boehner, are going to fold like a cheap lawn chair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unreconstructed Reb View Post
    Repubs, led by Cry Baby Boehner, are going to fold like a cheap lawn chair.

    Boehner's holding the shit end of the stick, and everybody knows it. Barry's riding his post-election hang-10 and the Repubs (save the few Tea Partiers who were rewarded with their convictions by being stripped of their committee assignments by none other than the guy holding that stick I just mentioned) are trying and failing to provide a paper towel to Boehner to prevent smearing.

    I expect tears at any time now.

    He's probably saving up for New Year's Eve.
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    Mark my words. There WILL be a deal with the Democrats. The Fiscal cliff is a big myth.
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