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    Quote Originally Posted by xbow View Post
    Thanks for the link. I THINK I've used that in the past...Can't remember...I never even considered Ibuprofen. My vet told me long ago that plain aspirin was good so I just stuck with that.
    I have used Metacam..a liquid NSAID for arthritis in dogs... but it gets somewhat expensive on a daily regimen.
    Rymidol contains Carprofen a similar drug to Ibuprofen.
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    Good looking dogs...

    I have two cats on an aspirin regimen. The vet told me to cut them in half (a baby aspirin) and give one half about every 3 days. While cats can take aspirin, they do NOT metabolize it at the same rate we do so no more than twice a week. One is 14, the other is 10 but both were suffering from arthritis bad. The other cats of about the same age (I have 7 cats and 3 dogs) aren't showing the signs of arthritis yet.
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    Missing her mom very much this Christmas, as am I.
    Hattie, nearly 8 y/o mini schnauz.
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    Top: Abby(7), Bailey(15 years old), the late Sammy

    Bottom: Toby(4 year old cockapoo), Rocky(5 year old lab/shepherd mix)

    Rocky was the one who went through the surgery during the summer. He's doing great by the way. This is the last picture taken of our Sammy.

    Here's one of Max and Sammy. Max is another old boy. Adopted him in 1999 from a shelter in Tucson.

    Here's our Hallmark card shot of Toby and Rocky(yes, there is trim around the door now):

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