Union members and supporters are gearing up for a massive protest Tuesday in Michigan's capital in a last-ditch effort to stall the expected passage of "right-to-work" legislation, as they already make plans to challenge the proposal in court.

The surprise move by Michigan Republicans this past Thursday to approve the anti-union bills touched off a firestorm in the home of the U.S. auto industry. Following high-profile fights over union privileges in Wisconsin and Indiana, Michigan in an instant became the latest battleground in that struggle.

The state legislature returns to Lansing on Tuesday, when Republicans are planning to cast the final votes on the union package and send it to Gov. Rick Snyder's desk. Snyder, a Republican, has said he would sign the bill, which prohibits unions from demanding dues from workers.

If this happens, Michigan would become the 24th "right-to-work" state in the nation -- and American unions would suffer a stinging defeat in the cradle of the labor movement. Union bosses made clear they won't go down without a fight.

"It's an attack on working families, and we're gonna be there. We're not gonna stand for it," Bernie Ricke, president of the United Auto Workers Local 600, said, according to MyFoxDetroit.

How is it an attack on families? All it is doing is giving workers a choice. Your not taking a thing away from them.

Unions have gotta be feeling the sting though. 66% of Michigan voters said no to collective bargaining rights last month, and now this?