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Not to me, they aren't. First joining a union is a prerequisite for working in a number of industries in those states with closed shops. If I can be compelled to join a union and pay it dues, then I should not have to support the political agenda of the unions leadership. Even if the funds for contributions are raised separately from dues, the leadership can extort contributions through their control of the livelyhoods of their members. If union membership in a given industry is mandatory, then dues should only be collected to cover the mandatory expenses of the union, i.e., those related to collective bargaining.

That's why they did the service fee thing. One of my ex-coworkers quit the union because they supported pro choice candidates. When she was disciplined for some seriously bad things, she was still represented by the union because she paid that fee. The reason she "was allowed to resign" had nothing to do with her union membership and everything to do with fraud.

My union does not represent any side in arguments between one member and another. Management are not members of my union, from my first-line supervisor all the way up. Some of them have their own union (I think), but it is small and not the same as mine (UAW-again, I don't think we should be allowed to have the UAW represent us, because they give money to political campaigns).