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I don't think subsidized housing is ever a good idea. I'm not saying that unfortunate people should not get assistance, but I am saying that their rent should not be subsidized or paid for. The rental market itself would take care of the need for cheap housing.
There's subsidized housing and then there is public housing. The latter are what we think of as "the projects". They look good when first opened, and turn into drug dens and gang territory within days.

Subsidized housing can mean the projects, but it frequently is a landlord who the government pays part of the rent to, and the tenant pays the rest. I've seen some nice housing in this type of program-Section 8. It gets a bad name, and there are lots of abuses, but when the landlord and tenants are both coming into the deal with honesty, it can work well. There are some provisions that give landlords low-interest loans to improve the property. The tenant can frequently live with her family in a single home, instead of an apartment in a project, which provides better access to schools, jobs and the other things that lead out of poverty.