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    Quote Originally Posted by m00 View Post
    Do you think we getting something in return worth 20 F-16s? The only thing we could want is "don't fund terrorism" and "give us intel on terrorist organizations" which is something Mubarak did for us. Problem is the current regime is Muslim Brotherhood.
    On a positive note there doesn't seem to be a lot of brotherly love between Muslims. Not only do the not trust anyone, they don't even trust each other.
    Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janice View Post
    Yes, I was tempted to title this thread something along the lines of -

    US sending 20 more brand new F-16s to Muslim brotherhood
    And you wouldn't have been wrong. We can always hope they use the F-16's to kill each other. But that's in vain, I fear; the Iranians couldn't even manage to shoot down a drone. It was explained to me that shooting down drones is not as easy as I think, and I understand that, but if you can't shoot down a drone, what can you hit?

    Arab Accent: We are so highly trained that we can only shoot something down if it is going mach 3!.....AAAAAEEEEE...Allahu Akbar!!
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    Wonderful...20 new F-16's to a bunch of Islamic thugs who are probably just chomping at the bit the use them to drop bombs in Israel.
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  4. #14 U.S. to Give Egyptian Government 20 F-16 Jets 
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    U.S. to Give Egyptian Government 20 F-16 Jets

    The All Muslime Egyptian Air force will appreciate that

    t's difficult to believe. The United States government is poised to give Egypt - and the radical Muslim Brotherhood - 20 of our top fighter jets. The cost: more than $200 million in U.S. taxpayer funds. That's right, we're using our tax dollars to provide F-16's, our most sophisticated warplane, to a Sharia dictatorship.

    from the ACLJ
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    Thanks MM.

    Stop Funding Egypt, Defend Israel Petition

    Sign here.
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