December 8, 2012
By: Sima Ballinger
According to a Fox 2 News report, Judge Wade McCree is on indefinite administrative leave.

Judge Wade McCree is on administrative leave because of allegations of having an affair with a woman, plaintiff, who appeared in his courtroom, and says she is pregnant with his child. The Judicial Tenure Commission is investigating.

All matters are with the prosecutorís office, and I cannot have any conversations with you. Judge McCree to Fox 2 News Reporter.

While on leave, the Judge cannot hear any cases, pending the outcome of the investigation.

This is the second case reported this year of Judge McCree having an affair with another woman. Judge McCree is a married man. He filed for divorce in October, 2012, but the case has been dismissed.

Earlier this year Judge McCree sent nearly nude photos of himself to his Bailiff. After being presented with photos of himself by a Fox 2 News Reporter, the Judge replied, ďHot dog, thatís me, ainít no shame in my game.Ē

Judge Wade McCree is under investigation and on administrative leave from the Third Circuit Court.