Mayor Ballard's statement about greening city's fleet

INDIANAPOLIS -- Calling it a vital national security issue, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard today signed Executive Order #6, 2012 making Indianapolis the first city in the nation to require the purchase of either electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles for the city's non-police fleet. Mayor Ballard outlined his proposal this morning in a speech to the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee.

"The United States' current transportation energy model, driven by oil, exacts an enormous cost financially and in terms of strategic leverage," said Mayor Ballard, a retired Marine Officer and Gulf War Veteran. "Our oil dependence in some cases places the fruits of our labor into the hands of dictators united against the people of the United States."

Is this the future of the republican leadership? To emulate Statism like the Mercedes Marxist? Two things:

1) I guess conservative principles completely escaped this genius when he decided to be a republican. And ...

2) I have to surmise he missed the memo that we have more oil and natural gas reserves than anyone else in the world.

Just because idiots like him at the top of both parties wont let us touch our own reserves, doesnt mean we dont have them. We dont have to be dependent on anyone (overseas) as he suggests to his mentally deficient electorate.

So rather than be dependent as he says on "foreign dictators", we should opt to be oppressed by Statist thugs within our own government? Really?? These are the numbnuts we choose to "lead" our country? America must be home to some of the dumbest voters in the entire civilized world.