I'm expecting delivery of a couple of things from Amazon this weekend. I got a movie for my sister, a hat for one niece that will make her Queen of the Nerds if she is not already that, and a Barbie beach house for my 10 year old niece-she wanted the dream house, but it's expensive. I also bought my bil's present.

I still have to find:

Presents for my 13 year old niece, my 13 year old nephew, and the other 15 year old niece. The 13 year old girl wants clothes-Forever 21 is cheaper than I thought, and they also have gift cards. I asked the other two on facebook what they want, so I'll see if they responded. I usually give all three of them (the twin girls and the boy) gift cards, but since I bought the Tardis hat for one, I feel like presents are in line for the other two.

I have to get presents for my mom. Gift cards will not do, because when I give her one, I demonstate how little I care about her by not picking out a more personal gift. If I buy her a book/dvd combo, I hear her complaints via my sister about my lack of originality in picking the same types of things every year. She wonders why my dad left and my brother won't talk to her.

My dad will be happy with a box of home made cookies, but we don't exchange gifts.

I have no idea what to get the boy. He's also a nerd.