Why do we call them DUmmies???

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 03:14 AM
Ken Burch

How much longer WILL Dem officeholders feel they HAVE to wear those $*%&^#@ FLAG PINS!

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OK...after 9/11, it made sense that they'd wear 'em-most people did, at that stage.

Even during the Iraq War, a case could sort of be made for it.

But ELEVEN years later?

When we're even on the way OUT of Afghanistan?

When there's no longer ANY real threat to this country?

When there's no possible reason for anybody to DEMAND that our officeholders prove that...well... that they're loyal to this country, over and over and over again?

Do any of the rest of you think "ENOUGH already with the pins"?

Can't our party, at least, leave the pin fetish to the 'pugs and admit that the country has moved on from 9/11?

(No, this isn't the single biggest issue out there...but it isn't something that really HAS to go on for any particular reason.)