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  1. #1 Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez reduced to spectators 
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    Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez reduced to spectators in Jets' loss to San Diego
    By Mike Vorkunov/The Star-Ledger
    on December 23, 2012 at 8:36 PM, updated
    Tim Tebow’s exuberance has butted heads with his diminished role with the Jets this season.

    For every awkward situation he was placed in, he responded with a smile and good nature that allowed him to deflect blame and tension. Today, it had landed him trying to answer a Gordian knot of a question.

    He was passed over for the starting job by Greg McElroy and spent the entirety of the Jets’ 27-17 loss watching passively. Afterward, Ryan named McElroy the starter for the season finale in Buffalo and Tebow responded with a stock answer, that he would “just try to help the team however I can.”

    But how, Tebow was asked, could he help from the sideline? The Jets made another example today of the esteem they hold the quarterback in, and it was difficult to take it as anything but a slight — though an ESPN New York report, citing anonymous sources, indicated Tebow had asked this past week to be removed from the Jets’ Wildcat package.
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    I, fer sure, don't know much about football.

    But Sanchez' performance last week was just amazing. 4 interceptions? Then the World Record Worst Punt in NFL history (do they keep records like that?) gave him at least a chance to win the game and he bobbles the snap, which one of his backs promptly stumbles over.......Huh?......

    They gave the ball to Tebow, but as far as I can tell, he would receive the snap and run for his life; receive the snap and run for his life; receive.....OK, you've got it. What did he do, call the Offensive Linemen names?

    The Jets are a mystery to me. So are the Chiefs.

    Atlanta! No mystery there!
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