Of course I am talking about the smartest woman at DU.

nadinbrzezinski (113,076 posts)

Semi auto, it wasn't an automatic weapon!!!!
Expect to hear that from our gun fans.
It is true. A semi auto will fire a round every time you pull the trigger
A full auto will keep firing as long as you pull the trigger until you run out of ammo
The former is called accurate fire, because you have far more control over your gun
The latter is called suppressive fire. Keeping control with the recoil is all but easy. And it s otherwise known as spray and pray.
So you want to keep your bushmaster, and the rest of the AR -15 family, sure...have them all be single shot. The same goes for the rest of them.
and where did she get this vast knowledge.... well, of course
nadinbrzezinski (113,076 posts)
2. Some of it is from being down range
In shootouts between the Mexican Army and the cartels.
It is a survival skill.
Funny story, line at movie theater at the Last Temptation of Christ. Cops come to do hot stop, and the shotguns come out. I went down, and then proceeded to pull sister and friend behind cover.
Cops later asked how. I told them.
Did someone order mushrooms?
Robb (36,094 posts)
18. DU has an expert on everything.
Sometimes it's the same person.
Of course she is, just ask her. No wait, she volunteers all of it.

and my personal Nadin fan...
zappaman (6,267 posts)
39. You are a marvel
Is there nothing you have not done or do not know on this Earth?
Can't wait to see you proclaim to have been an astronaut and lecture us on Astronomy.