By Christine Mai-Duc

December 14, 2012, 12:58 p.m.

John McAfee says he won’t return to Belize to answer questions about his neighbor’s murder there, again professing his innocence.

“I will not go back to Belize,” he told CNBC’s Squawk Box Friday morning. “I had nothing to do with the murder of Gregory Faull.” McAfee said he would be happy to answer questions in a “neutral country.”

During the bizarre, at times rambling, 12-minute interview, McAfee went on to say that he hasn’t done drugs in 30 years, but if he did, “I have the resources to do good drugs” and not bath salts, which he said were for “people that don’t have a lot of money.”

He also reiterated claims that dozens of armed Belizean police had attacked his property in April, and that subsequent demands for bribes were what prompted him to go into hiding.

It was the latest of several live TV interviews McAfee has done in the past week during the dramatic turn of events that brought him from a Guatemala detention center to the shores of South Beach in Miami.

In various interviews, McAfee has told reporters that he faked chest pains while detained in Guatemala to buy his lawyers time and that he plans to stay in Miami until his girlfriends, 17 and 20, can join him.
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