Ooooooo...what tough guys!!!

Sun Dec 16, 2012, 01:49 PM

Obama is not going to take your guns away. We are.

By we I mean the people in this country who are sick the world seeing their country as a asylum with heavily armed inmates. We are the people who are not going to repeat once again the cycle of horror, recrimination, empty words and a quick return to business as usual. We are the people who have had it with a political lobby masquerading as a users group that finds it politically expedient to put weapons of indiscriminate slaughter in the same category as legitimate implements of sport or self defense. We are the people who sadly had to have one more unspeakable horror before we decided to finally stand up to the NRA and its pawns in congress who quake in terror of their disapproval. I hope the president has our back. This insanity has to stop now.
I could just see nadin or undergroundpanther showing up at my front door asking for my weapons...