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I would not mandate the armed part, and leave that voluntary, but I would mandate that all teachers attend the training for a CCW permit, and learn how to shoot to a minimal degree of competency.

That way, at least, those who choose not to be armed do so from a position of being intimately informed of the requirements and mechanics of presenting an armed response to threats, and hopefully, loose any irrational fear of firearms borne of misinformation or ignorance.

We don't mandate that teachers all be firefighters, but there's a fire extinguisher in every class room, and teachers are (I sincerely hope) trained to use them.
That's fair-I would not want to see it mandated that school teachers carry weapons. There are plenty of teachers who already probably have ccw permits for whatever reason, and are not allowed to carry their weapons on school grounds because of workplace rules.

I'm not a teacher, but if I were, I would not want to carry a gun to work. My main reason is that I was not raised in a house with guns, I don't know how to operate one properly, and who knows whether I'd be a good shot or too nervous to be anything but a dumbass with a gun. But if one of my colleagues had a strong backround in that area, especially a military or police backround, I'd feel confident about him or her being able to defend the kids.