While the Nostradamus 2012 prediction is largely debated, there are also predictions made by him that hold true for after the great war as predicted by Nostradamus. According to these predictions about the onset of peace, the Nostradamus quatrain states,
Mars and the scepter (Jupiter) conjoined,
In Cancer (next to occur July-August, 2013), by him all calamitous war will eventually be ended,
A new Leader will be anointed (born),
He will bring Peace to the Earth for a very long time.

Indicating the world after the Third World War, this quatrain is supposed to talk about the birth of a new leader who will bring hope and peace to a world ravished and destroyed by the war.

As the prediction makes it clear, it states that this peace will rule the world for a long time. As the revelation of Nostradamus 2012 predictions indicates that he believed that the year 2012 would be a year of great destruction and evil.
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