Robert Bork died this morning, so of course they are dancing to celebrate this wonderful news.

tech3149 (3,202 posts)
10. Peace be with you and good riddance n/t
We should put that on every DUmmie's headstone.

Kolesar (28,170 posts)
12. He was chairman of Romney's Judicial Advisory Committee. eom
Uh oh! I wonder if he was controlled by the Koch brothers. BOOGA! BOOGA!

swayne (262 posts)
13. Because of the BORK rejection at the SC this hyper-partisanism in courts got started....

the legacy has been lasting, but it seems to be going away. We'll see...
Yeah, that's the ticket! There was never any partisanship or ideology in Supreme Court nominations before Robert Bork. FDR never engaged in anything like that!


blueclown (1,684 posts)
15. Good riddance to bad rubbish
Yeah! After he drove off into that cold river and then left his pregnant girlfriend to drown, he was bad rubbish!


Oh. Nevermind.

Panasonic (2,620 posts)
28. Can I say good riddance to bad rubbish?

I hope he just started roasting nicely.

I hope Fat Tony and Silent Clarence follows....
Yeah, no hyper-partisanship. I remember.