Interesting...all the widdle Nazi's at DU are speaking out!!

Wed Dec 19, 2012, 05:32 PM

I do not want an "assault rifle" ban

I want every gun owner in the US to have to register their firearms....ALL of them...if you go to a firing range, you WILL need your "papers."

I want EVERY sale monitered by a federal agency. I want all sales of ammunition monitered...any more than normal, and I mean a normal day at the range, or a good turkey or deer hunt, or whatever woodland critter it is you are going after reported.

I want their to be annual federal taxes on the already owned property tax, only pay for that.

I do not want ANY of them grandfathered in. None. Zero. And that includes our old .22 rifle that sits in a trunk with no bullets around...the one we look at about every three years and talk about how much we miss Grandpa.

Have one of those cool black powder jobs over the mantle? Yeah. It's gonna cost you.

You guys love your guns? Well, I love my dog, my house, my Subaru...and every one of them require money every year.

You make a sale and don't report it, and pay the proper sales tax? Guess what? You just broke the law....
I used to think Jan was a reasonable DUer but I can see she's just another Libtard Nazi that is happy only if things go her way. Disagree and you are an Enemy of Das State!!!