Keep your fingers crossed.

The 7-foot-tall “13” that will be part of the lit-up “2013” when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve arrived in Times Square yesterday — and organizers are trying to make sure the number doesn’t frighten off superstitious revelers.

Just to make sure, the “13” will come with 13 “lucky” charms.

“Some people get nervous about the number 13,” said Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance.

“But just to keep all bases covered, we’ve gone ahead and gathered 13 good-luck charms — everything from a four-leaf clover to gold coins to bamboo to a Buddha statue,” he said.
FEELING LUCKY? The giant number 13 comes to Times Square yesterday for New Year’s Eve.
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Excuse me, if we make it through the apocalypse I would say the 13 in 2013 is lucky?