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    Quote Originally Posted by valiant View Post
    Um, wow. I mean, wow. This guy is either the dumbest person walking or an obvious plant/mole from the DU. Good job banning him SR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by txradioguy View Post
    And that's where you went off the rails in your post. You were spot on till you said this...which is exactly what your fellow DUmmy was saying.

    Way to play the race card.

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    In this case, she's right. White liberals are indifferent to crime that doesn't impact them or people like them directly (and most white liberals don't go into bad neighborhoods, unless they are doing photo-op charity events, and then there is safety in numbers), or that doesn't support their narrative. So, a crime with a black victim that doesn't support their biases doesn't get any notice, while a crime that does support them (think Trayvon Martin) gets a massive amount of attention. For liberals, it's all about the narrative. If the narrative makes them more powerful (through appeals for gun control, or a means of presenting anyone who doesn't think just like them as racists), they push it for all that it's worth, but if it doesn't (black on black crime, or racist outrages at OWS), they ignore it as either an anomaly or just something that happens because of the failures of people like us to listen to people like them. Look at their reaction to comments about rape by Republican congress members to their reactions to actual rapes committed and hidden by OWS members, for an even better example of the hypocrisy at work. Ultimately, liberals see minorities and women as victims in need of their largess, and any member of those groups that breaks that mold calls their most basic presumptions about their own moral superiority into question, which is why they treat minority and female conservatives with such shocked outrage.

    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    Um, wow. I mean, wow. This guy is either the dumbest person walking or an obvious plant/mole from the DU. Good job banning him SR.
    Sic Hacer Pace, Para Bellum.

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