The DUmmies are working hard to be the one who expresses the most outrage to the NRA presser. LOL

cali (76,245 posts)

***NRA PRESSER. LIVE THREAD**** Fuck you Wayne, you loathsome piece of slime.

Immediately slamming those "who politicize this tragedy". Claiming the NRA has remained respectful. Armed security is his solution.

spanone (69,835 posts)

1. his solution MORE FUCKING GUNS
w8liftinglady (22,914 posts)

2. I'm right there with you. Fuck him
MANative (1,410 posts)

5. This man is a killer. A murderer.

Fuck him.
HughBeaumont (19,726 posts)

13. And of course, CNBC is broadcasting this proudly . . .

. . . . like the right wing pigs they are. Sharing the same hog waller, these two diseased porkers are.
cali (76,245 posts)

16. oh my god. the vile toad just suggested a national data base of the "mentally ill".

ignorant piece of shit. HIPA, wayne you fucking moron.
TDale313 (682 posts)

69. Media, video games,

Defect the blame on everyone except the guns and their group. The protesters were right - they have blood on their hands.
Lint Head (9,885 posts)

30. This prick is personally responsible for the deaths of the Newtown children and teachers.
ecstatic (18,248 posts)

48. This is shameful. We're dealing with a sick group of people

People who put guns above adults and children.
barnabas63 (1,077 posts)

59. Shine the light on them, I say.....

He sounds completely deranged to me. This is a meltdown.
Well....clearly DU is having a meltdown about this.
AndyA (15,301 posts)

49. I can't watch.

The man is a liar. He has the blood of thousands of innocent victims on his hands.
nc4bo (13,064 posts)

65. I am horrified into utter disbelief spanone. My brain can't wrap around the words falling from his


Hell is too good for this creepy psycho.
Rex (31,527 posts)

98. The NRA is a terrorist organization.

Pass it on. They want more deaths, not less
Raffi Ella (3,416 posts)

118. +1

and anyone that would support them on DU should be banned.
And it goes on and on and on.