Here we have a new DU member trying his hand at a bouncy. His nic seems to describe him quite well.


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This is what the NRA is up to this morning....

I just received a call from the NRA. I usually hang up on the bastards, but today I decided to listen. I am a former member, gave up my membership five years ago, I just couldn't stand the bullshit they were pedaling every month in their publications. So this morning I get this call from them, and this young man asking for money to rebuild their war chest after spending so much money on the election. In his spiel, he was worried that Obama might be able to appoint up to 3 more liberal Supreme Court members and that would be devastating to their cause. Because I am such a good and faithful member (LOL), hey offered me a shiny, brand new, authentic hunting knife if I would be so generous to donate $250 to them.
Well call me dumbfounded! I tried to keep my cool as I told the caller that he sounded like and intelligent young man and that there must be something better he could be spending his time at. When he persisted, I told him I was embarrassed for him to be making these kind of calls so soon after the Newtown tragedy. Unfazed, he kept on, and I offered to donate to the Brady Campaign. That unnerved him just a little, but he kept to the script. Finally, I lost it and called him an a**hole for groveling for money after 20 kids were just killed and barely buried in the ground. And I said, goodbye a**hole one more time and hung up. Folks, they may be silent publicly after the tradgedy, but behind the scenes they are back to their old tricks of scaring the shit out of their base and raising bundles of money.
rurallib (29,959 posts)

7. poor kid probably needed the job real bad

I have had Republicans call and I often engage them in conversation.
One time it was a young lady from Georgia. She was not married and had just had a baby. She desperately needed the job. She told me she couldn't believe a word she was saying but was desperate.

Sad that Republicans have fucked up the economy so badly that kids have to basically prostitute themselves to eat.