Blowhard Pitt complains about...blowhards.

Fri Dec 21, 2012, 06:02 PM


I'm about to unplug from this fucked week of unending bullshit, but before I do, a parting thought.

The problem isn't that there are so many demonstrably deranged opinions being bandied about. This is America; deranged opinions are our birthright, and are absolutely due to any and all who wish to espouse them.

The problem is that our so-called "news" media bends over backwards to treat deranged opinions as legitimate and worthy of consideration at the highest levels of national discourse, all in the name of "balance," which ultimately scrambles the entire process and bogs everything down.

Deranged opinions are part of the American experience...but once upon a time, having rational people in media like Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite breaking deranged opinions over their knee was also part of the American experience.

"Balance" ain't balanced, as currently constituted. "Balance" as currently constituted is the massive aggrandizement of outrageous, violent, dangerous, greedy, power-mad fascist bullshit so as to avoid having your complaints department flooded with calls from people demanding that giant laser space frisbees be installed in elementary schools to vaporize anyone who thinks there might be too many guns in the neighborhood.

Probably we should do better and stuff.

Happy Apocalypse Not Friday. Fuck these people, and anyone who empowers them.

Fuck you too Will. Go vanish in a bottle somewhere. Blowhard.