mopaul strikes again!!!

Fri Dec 21, 2012, 05:07 PM

I want all assault rifle owners to turn them in, possession of them made a felony

I won't be happy with just an assault weapons ban, I want all the people who currently own them to give them up. You can have all the damn squirrel guns, shotguns, hunting rifles, revolvers, pistols or pop guns you want, but no civilian needs a fucking assault weapon.

And when the ATF shows up for you to voluntarily give up your military assault weapons, you'd better damn well not pull a david koresh branch davidian stunt, because our constitutionally guaranteed, well regulated militia, the U.S. Army has more guns than anyone else.

You can keep your Bibles, and you can keep your religion, and you can keep your pornography and you can keep your paranoia and your racism and your hatred too, but you have to give up your precious, masturbatory assault machine guns.

It should be the law of the land. All civilians turn in your assault rifles, voluntarily, patriotically, peacefully, you don't need them, our soldiers do.
Sorry DUmmie, you can't have mine.