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    My tringlers and fuzzles, my pantookas, my dafflers and some of my wuzzles.

    Taking them up to North Carolina so the Grinch doesn't take them while we're gone.

    Merry Christmas everyone! See ya when we get back!

    Oops! Forgot this: The Figgy Pudding Song!
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    I hope they all fit in your car, whatever the heck they are.

    Merry Christmas.
    Be Not Afraid.
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    We got wuzzles here, only I've never seen one. The dogs get excited sometimes and have to go out in the back at night, though. And I can tell by the way they're racing around in the dark that they've got something on the run. Must be wuzzles, we say, but the dogs ain't sayin'.

    I thought they had one cornered up on the fence one night so I got the flashlight to see. But it was just a 'possum. Scared. I asked the 'possum if he had seen any wuzzles, but he just hissed at me. Dogs lost interest once they saw it clearly.

    Found a couple of dead squirrels. Dead bird. I'm tellin' you, these dogs are killers.

    Wuzzles? Not yet, but we're hopeful.

    Oops! Forgot this. Lama Song:
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