Other than a BIG dog...

Sun Dec 23, 2012, 04:21 PM
Speck Tater

Some home defense alternatives

Slingshot: A steel ball bearing in the head will bring down an intruder.
Crossbow: This could easily be fatal.
Bow and arrow: It worked on Custer.
Baseball bat: If you know where to hide and can hit from behind, why not?
Broadsword: If the intruder is unarmed someone with a good sword can bring him down with just a little training. Even a light fencing foil can be awfully intimidating if you file off the button and learn how to use it.
Cellphone: Just hide and call 911. You do know where to hide in your house, right?
Super Soaker water gun loaded with something nasty that would hurt the eyes, but not damage the furniture, like strong soap, or tabasco sauce.
Darts: Could be anything from very painful (in the knees) to very fatal (in the face or head)
Blow gun: And you probably wouldn't even need poison darts.
Tranquilizer gun: It worked on werewolves for Buffy, why not on intruders?
Laser pointer in the eye. A burglar sneaking in at night, temporarily blinded by a laser pointer could then be clubbed with a baseball bat before he saw it coming.
A Panic Room: Expensive, and you'd need time to get into it.

What other ways can we come up with to defend your home and family without needing assault rifles
God "these people" are just Pitt stupid.