The racist twirlybrain nutcase loser moron crap'n drool Gary Oak posted this on another forum and chinese oaths and rituals are none of white peoples business

Having gone over their oaths and rituals and already knowing Chinese history quite well it was interesting how they are so concerned about the QING who have already been genocided and culturalocided by a very successful government policy to eliminate their culture and language. A Russian masters degree holder in China studies explained to me the details. Naturally the chinese are desperate to have this kept under wraps. The oaths and rituals involving persecuting the QING , destroying the QING etc... that go along with the FAN QING FU MING oath make alot more sense once you understand who the QING dynasty represents in the oaths and rituals as the actual QING have very successfully culturalocided and genocided. over the last 100 years.Only about a dozen people can speak the [ QING ] Manchurian language now . I have come accross many times reading Chinese history books and books on the triads that the MING dynasty in this oath represents han chinese. The natural question is who does the QING dynasty represent in the FAN QING FU MING oaths and related rituals. The actual QING being nomads similar to Mongolians were and are considered by the chinese as being uncivilised FOREIGN barbarians. The hated Manchurians [ QING ] ruled China from 1644 to 1911. Now the fact that nonchinese Canadians to Chinese who have taken these oaths and rituals are represented by QING is evidenced by what they call us in cantonese LO FAN and natives HUNG FAN. LO meaning man and HUNG meaning red and FAN meaning FOREIGN uncivilised barbarian. If one doesn't believe that these terms are derogatory then try calling a chinese person WONG FAN as WONG means yellow.

Basically what is meant by those who have sworn FAN QING FU MING is that they are swearing to aid China and chinese people in taking over whichever country that has allowed them to immigrate to. FAN meaning overturn QING meaning nonchinese and FU MING meaning support Chinese. I just wish that this hwas understood by Canadian immigration. It would be in Canada's best interests if those who have taken these oaths and rituals explained these truths when they beg to be allowed to immigrate to the country they are sworn enemies of.