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There's a bit more in the article:

Nelson, 32, worked for Knight for 10 years, and he considered her a stellar worker. But in the final months of her employment, he complained that her tight clothing was distracting, once telling her that if his pants were bulging that was a sign her clothes were too revealing, according to the opinion.

He also once allegedly remarked about her infrequent sex life by saying, "that's like having a Lamborghini in the garage and never driving it."

Knight and Nelson -- both married with children -- started exchanging text messages, mostly about personal matters, such as their families. Knight's wife, who also worked in the dental office, found out about the messages and demanded Nelson be fired. The Knights consulted with their pastor, who agreed that terminating Nelson was appropriate.

Knight fired Nelson and gave her one month's severance. He later told Nelson's husband that he worried he was getting too personally attached and feared he would eventually try to start an affair with her.

Nelson was stunned because she viewed the 53-year-old Knight as a father figure and had never been interested in starting a relationship, Fiedler said.

Nelson filed a lawsuit alleging gender discrimination, arguing she would not have been terminated if she was male. She did not allege sexual harassment because Knight's conduct may not have risen to that level and didn't particularly offend her, Fiedler said.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/12/22...#ixzz2FzLJEEdd

In other words, he was flirting with her, his wife found out, and demanded that he let her go. Not exactly innocent on his part. I'd say that she has a case, not for sexual discrimination, but sexual harassment.
This isn't some multinational corporation where the parties can be transferred to different departments, it's a freaking dentist office! What's this guy supposed to do? Shut his business down because he is too distracted to work and he can't fire the distraction?

Sexual harassment! Yeah, against her! Strutting around flaunting camel toe, swollen cleavage and a tight ass is one hell of a distraction. Hell, I'm getting distracted just thinking about her.......................I'll be back in a little while..................................