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So he has an uncontrollable boner and it's somehow her fault ?? I must be missing something here.
The only thing you are missing is the free market mindset, which means he may employ or un-employ anyone of his choosing (almost). He may have fired her for having bad breath, big breasts, extra-marital affairs, not getting along with patients, not getting along with his wife, being a liberal, being a conservative, carrying a handgun in her purse, being 30 seconds late, leaving one minute early or any other reason that occurs to him. But he didn't. He fired her because she became a threat to his marriage. May or may not have been her fault, but there it is.

She is qualified in her field. She should go get another job, and quit her complaining. The trouble is, her willingness to use the court the way she did would preclude her from working in my office. So in the end she screwed only herself.