Tinny Chinni: Washington Post Publishes Op-ed Urging 'Let's Give Santa the Boot'

By Tim Graham | December 25, 2012 | 15:05

Dante Chinni calls himself "a card-carrying member of the East Coast Media Establishment Complex," and he proved in on Sunday with an article in Sunday Outlook section of The Washington Post: "Instead of leaving cookies, let's give Santa the boot."

Secular liberals always first want to save the country for science and rationality, and Santa Claus is "reality's exception" for little kids. "America doesn’t need any more people who deny reality — at any age." Santa also quite obviously favors the super-rich:

Second, Santa raises all sorts of questions about justice. For children, Saint Nick comes off as the ultimate judge and jury. Here’s a guy with this massive list of all their annual good deeds and transgressions. He knows all — even sees them when they’re sleeping!

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