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  1. #1 So...How was your Christmas this year??? 
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    Ours turned out pretty good this year.

    No fights or killings. How about you???
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    It was uneventful, which is a good thing, in my family.

    The kids got spoiled rotten, as usual.

    I gained about 10 pounds this season and I have boxes of stuff(presents for my daughter) to find room for. Most of this weekend will be spent organizing her closet and dressers to make room for all her new clothes and toys.

    I'm exhausted. I'm glad my guests went home early tonight (work tomorrow). Dishwasher is going, counter tops and table cleared and wiped down. I'm going to try to hit Target tomorrow for their after Christmas sale.
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    Poor Santa!
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    My first Christmas off in 7 years. That was enough of a gift. But wifey and I entertained my in-laws. My dogs had a ball. My big one(Rocky) loves my mother-in-law and was sleeping on her. It was adorable.
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    Had to work all night, but got home in time for the kids to open presents. Had a blast with that. I wish the who day could have gone that way. Unfortunately after I woke up, my oldest got it into his head that Christmas Day meant be horrible to everyone day. I pretty much spent the whole evening having to punish him. I really hated that.
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    My daughter got me up at 0730 sharp :(

    I said next year if she gets me up before 0900 santa will come back and take her gifts back :D
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    My niece woke me up at 8:30.

    Her: "Merry Christmas!"

    Me: Buh humbug!


    It was pretty good outside of eating too much. I've decided it's time for a healthier lifestyle. Ugh.

    I had three days off in a row. Haven't had that for Christmas in years. I remember actually working a couple of Christmas days. Those weren't so bad except for that everybody in town was where I was at. lol.
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