Ducking accountability: Hillary's Benghazi role

The murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans occurred just before the presidential election, but with the help of the lap-dog media, Obama covered it up.

Clinton has a potential 2016 presidential campaign to consider, and a connection to the Benghazi disaster would ruin any future suggestion that she was the greatest secretary of state in history.

What really happened in Benghazi was that four Americans were sacrificed to further the Obama campaign's lie that the president's policies had the terrorists on the run.

Obama lied, and Americans died.
She can't testify in front of a Congressional committee because of (your choice):

1. Female problems,
2. Concussion,
3. Flu,
4. A painful bunion (yes! really!).

Is she pregnant? I'll wait for the tell-all book.

And here comes numbnuts Kerry, who couldn't turn down a PH that he recommended for himself for a razor cut.