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I just saw a report that she's been hospitalized in NY and is being treated with anticoagulants. "Hitlery"- you've usually been better than that level, SLW - this past election must have really taken it out of you.
Did you read what I wrote about my sickly mother, against the will of her doctors, was made to fly from OKC to NC to testify at some bullshit federal trial? Why was my mother made to testify at a trial for something she had nothing to do with halfway across the country with a severely bad back and other ailments but the Secretary of State is given a pass because she supposedly bumped her head. This is all bullshit because the left doesn't want the wife of their master to answer for her crime. This is the kind of government people like you want. Satisfied? Guaranteed if it was John Bolton people like you would be demanding that he be wheeled in on his death bed to testify. Hypocrites all of you.