The scum have started already...

Wed Dec 26, 2012, 07:50 PM

As soon as GHWB dies, the WORST thing will be all of the nice eulogies about him

Now yes, I do give him his props for being part of the "Greatest Generation", where his got his ass shot down into the Pacific Ocean. That shit takes brass knockers and every single fighting man and fighting woman who did their part in Old Double-yuh Double-yuh Two has earned my respect for what they did.

That includes Pappy.

HOWEVER… The man did spend a significant portion of his life serving the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex AND the Secret Intelligence Police State, BOTH OF WHICH have caused more bloodshed on this planet than any sane person can conceive of.

He was part of the lie that was the Reagan Revolution, which set the stage for America's long term decline over the past thirty years. He hired Lee Atwater to poison this country's political process with racism in order to get elected to his one term. He bungled a minor border conflict between Iraq and Kuwait into a major war, by bastardizing the diplomatic process and setting stage for further American involvement.

I should state, for the record, that his wholly unnecessary and tragically violent invasion of Panama was the single most important incident which radicalized me against the Republicans. He should burn in hell for doing that alone.

But he wasn't done… He also sired a new generation of assholes, one of which matriculated into the White House with outright theft and deceit, fucking us up even further.

So, I'm stating for the record that I will brook NO BULLSHIT about how nice a statesman he was, how he should have had a second term and all that other crap, simply because he's going to be worm food. He was one of the worst people ever to be part of modern American politics.

He should be held up as a lesson about WHAT NOT TO DO, instead of being lionized. But they'll do it anyway, both Democrats and Republicans… AND they should know better.
With the promise of more filth to come.