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  1. #1 My faux pas at the Christmas gathering.. 
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    About time for some stories!!!!

    Fri Dec 28, 2012, 07:11 AM

    My faux pas at the Christmas gathering..

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    All the other presents were wrapped and under the tree. We were at our son & daughter-in-law's home along with the 50+ family members (hers)..

    On top of a big box was this "bowling bag"..

    I commented to our son:

    Who bought Maria (his wife) a bowling bag?

    I was shot an immediate glowering look from her sister..and some laughter from our son..


    She (the sister) and her fiance bought it in Paris last week and were too proud of it to wrap it.. The irony is that most of us thought it was a bowling bag..not a $2,350.00 designer handbag..

    This is the "bowling bag"

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    The irony is that most of us thought it was a bowling bag..not a $2,350.00 designer handbag..

    So, the irony is that the DUmmie is ignorant, and that their daughter-in-law's sister was willing to spend $2,350.00 on a gift for her? I wouldn't call that irony, so much as a sad commentary on the ignorance and crude conduct of DUmmies and the generosity of someone who clearly isn't feeling the pinch from Obamanomics.
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    The bag is hideous. At least with Louis Vuitton/Gucci it never goes out of style.
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    Bowling bag is a damn good guess, for that thing.
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    God why am I not surprised the Gay and Beltway commented on the bags looks?
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    Who would want a bowling bag that looks like it's looking back at you after you throw a gutter ball........

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    Wouldn't that be the bag of choice for all the Hollywood pukes they admire? So, is having money bad or good or does it just depend on who has the money?

    A Maker (who is hosting 50+ people at their house) is receiving an expensive Christmas present from another Maker. The Takers have no clue what it is so they get a laugh out of something that it isn't. The old green-eyed monster routine. Never gets old for some DUmmies.
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