SOMERVILLE (FOX 25 / -- The nightclub where a brawl broke out early Friday morning has lost its occupancy license.

Somerville mayor Joseph Curtatone said a Neighborhood Impact Team determined that the occupancy license for Night Games Lounge at the Holiday Inn Express should be temporarily revoked.

Police said the fight broke out between 10 and 12 women at about midnight. Several hundred people were inside the club at the time.

Two women were arrested at the scene and charged with participating in an affray. One person was held for questioning.

While police were removing people from the club, another fight broke out at a nearby Hess Station. Shots were reportedly fired at that scene, but there is no word on whether or not anyone was injured.

It is unclear if the fight at the gas station and the hotel were related.

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When people were questioned after the brawl they said they were not responsible for starting it but they had stayed in a Holiday Inn.