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You want me to reveal my secrets? No way.

OK, I hate Google so I hate to give them a plug but here you go....

1) Right click P45s pic, go to Properties and get the link. In this case it's: h ttp://i1190.photobucket.com/albums/z450/patriot65/toy_zps0f8e95cd.jpg (<---- I put the space between h and t, make it http before you search on it.)

2) Go to Google.com, click Images (at the top), click the little camera in the search box, it brings up a new search box, paste the link in the box, and click "Search by image".

3) Look at the results and figure out what was posted. Easy peasy.

That's why I said in the other thread that Google Image Search renders this game obsolete (for the most part). The trick now is to find an image that isn't found on Google Image Search and then play.

Wow! I always change the name but I didn't know that you could search that link. Hey! You cheated!