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    Did anyone else watch the Doctor and the "Snowmen" episode???

    I missed it Christmas but just watched it on BBC America tonight.
    And Monday it's Dr. Who all day!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    It's a good thing that we're not planning to go anywhere NY Eve. SR will be doing the all day Dr Who thing.

    Have to admit that I enjoyed tonight's episode and glad that SR found the BBC channel. I'm getting bored with either Fox News or HGTV or Sci Fi all the time. (Sorry think I have the old spelling of Sci Fi).

    Darlene the dawg is terrified of fireworks and they're already starting them around here, so New Year's will be a time of sticking close to home and not abandoning the dawgs. Bella, the youngster, could care less about the fire crackers.

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    I gave one of my nieces a Tardis laplander hat for Christmas. She was pretty thrilled with it.

    The niece is a fan of the 11th doctor, and I really am not. In addition, I'm pissed off that they killed off Amy and Rory, which were the two characters I liked so far in Matt Smith's time as the doctor. I liked Christopher Eccleston, and I loved David Tennant, but am sort of ho-hum about this regeneration.
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