One of the problems we or I have with 'moderate' republicans is that they normally wont 'take the gloves off'. Part of the reason is that they do NOT see the country in peril the way that we do. They dont see this as war against individual liberty and the need to hold onto this constitutionally established republic. They think that its just 'politics' with the other side and if they have to, they will be happy to play 'second fiddle'. They fail to realize that this is not the democrat party of old. This is not the party of JFK. The kook fringe radical leftovers from the 60's has taken over the reigns. This is why it can be so disastrous when rinos have leadership positions.

But there is a grass roots effort to take the Repub party back from the Dem light crowd. Starting at the local level. Just look at all the Governorships and State Houses we have taken.