Wed Jan 2, 2013, 11:27 PM
Stinky The Clown

A family pet, an innocent bystander, is shot dead by cops.

Cops are chasing a bad guy. The bad guy runs into a private yard and hides down a half flight of stairs at the bottom of a basement entrance. The cops come along, guns drawn. They enter the yard.

In the yard is the 3 year old family pet, Kinkaid. He barks at the cops. The cops think he's charging them. They shoot him in the head. A total of six shots are fired, two enter his head and one enters his torso.

Before the bad guy is even in handcuffs, Kinkaid is mortally wounded and dies.

Kinkaid was a family pet. A good dog.

His misfortune is his genetic make-up. Kinkaid is part pitbull.

This is Kinkaid, as a puppy.

(Pic removed, 4 years old.)