Sorry, not buying this.

Thu Jan 3, 2013, 03:56 PM

OK. I have serious reservations about doing this, but I'm going to come out here on DU.

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I was raped.

It happened when I was in the Navy. A group of three or four threw a blanket over me pinned me down and used a mop handle. I never saw my attackers, had no idea who they were, but I got to spend the rest of my time at sea wondering if every face I saw on that ship was one of them.

No, I did not report it; it was 1972, and we were in combat. Reporting it would have probably made my life a thousand times worse.

It was more than twenty years before I told anybody.

ETA: While I was seeking treatment through the VA, one psychiatrist I saw said in his report that that I was probably fabricating, or at least embellishing the story because the experience of being anally raped had not made me gay. I was shocked, but not nearly as shocked as the director of that facility when I showed her the report.

So, that is the kind of stuff you have to deal with.
Yeah, a person is going to come out on a board and admit this crap. at best.

Some of "These people" are such scum I see no reason to believe this horseshit. But of course, they all do and not one of them (that I saw) even questions him in the least.

People like this are attention whores that need help.