A post from my old pal wolfy!!

Thu Jan 3, 2013, 08:09 PM

If you've never served in the military than you can't criticize those who have.

This line,which I've heard here and elsewhere, is bullshit. I don't need to wear a uniform to know that willfully invading foreign nations that pose no threat to you and killing their people with bombs, bullets, and drones is wrong. And just to be clear I consider anyone who enlisted during the Iraq War to be guilty of willfully invading a country that poses no threat to your own. They knew there was a high likelihood of them being sent there. They are just as guilty as the congressman who voted for that war. I don't need to have worn a uniform to know that everyone who participated in, ordered, or covered up acts of torture is scum who need to be arrested.

I don't need to enlist to know any of that, in fact knowing that is a big reason why I will never serve in the military even if they institute a draft. I would rather be thrown in jail than kill people simply because someone orders me to.
For those who don't know, wolfy is an admitted dumbass college kid that doesn't know shit about real life. The kid is desperate to be accepted on DUmmieLand and cuts & pastes a good game. He's a Socialist/Marxist/Commie/Moron.

He was a member here a while ago when I accidentally deleted his account. I've told him he can come back anytime but I'm sure he won't.

I was just thinking how well wolfy would get along with another old buddy, one of djones pals, mike_c and guess what???

Response to white_wolf (Original post)
Thu Jan 3, 2013, 08:37 PM

23. clicked your OP just to say "horse shit," only to find that we think pretty much alike....

I'm sure wolfy creamed his fur when he read that!!!