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I wouldn't be too concerned about al Jazeera buying Current TV. Does anyone actually watch Current TV? I never have. Maybe the basement dwellers at DU watch it, but nobody else does.

Al Jazeera will probably lose money on the deal in the long run.
The leadership of the UAR isn't in it for the money, they want the venue. Al Jazeera is a propaganda outlet, not a news station. Jihad TV will now reach American Muslims en masse, and it will be espousing the Wahhabi line, subtly, at first, but eventually blatantly. Radicals of all stripes will now have an "authentic voice" of Islamic despotism to run to for quotes, and domestic Salafists can get their talking points directly from a "respected" media outlet. Think of this as MSNBC, but with Islamists and their fellow-travelers instead of liberals and ultra-left statists.