Another mindpilot Bouncy!!!

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 01:26 PM

18 months ago when I started this job my righty nutjob supervisor was a "proud tea party member".

Right now he is sitting in his office watching Rachel. I lured him in with last night's really cool war story.
He still considers himself conservative, but he is definitely no longer in the "nutjob" category.

This morning I think I convinced him that his semi-automatic rifle really isn't a deterrent which protects him from government tyranny, because a) it hasn't so far (FISA) and b.) the government has much more powerful weapons. (We work for a DoD contractor; we know better than most the capabilities of the hardware the government can bring to bear against a threat.)

Other co-workers are beginning to enjoy my Rush Limbaugh imitation. Whenever somebody brings up some right-wing talking point I mock it in a Rush voice complete with the compulsive shirt-tug.
Not content with his gay rape story from yesterday...