That's great Lanie.

Fredo enjoys a pittance in job growth, during an economic recovery no less. Bush had to deal with 9/11 and the housing crisis (no matter whose fault it was *cough*Democrats*cough).

Unemployment is still at 7.8% (terrible). Growth is about 2% (terrible). Your taxes just went up. Your wages went down during the recovery (regardless of the tax increase). Unimaginable and unfathomable crushing debt. And increasing. Worst creator of debt for any human being in any country at any point in history. Yearly deficit at $1.2 Trillion and climbing. Just raised taxes on 80+% of the country when he told us (and lied obviously) that he would only raise taxes on the top 2%. That class warfare lying SOB bullshit gave him a second term. You bought it, not me. No spending cuts offered, in spite of his "balanced approach" bullshit. No entitlements reform. Wants unfettered access to the debt ceiling for the next two years. Gas and food prices higher than ever.

Should I continue? Is this what you want for the country? Is this the path we should be on...practically no economic growth and the expansion of your expense? If that's what you want, congrats, you got it.