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Meaningless bullshit, Lanie, and if you actually thought it through you'd know it (Of course, being that you're a Liberal, I realize that actually analyzing one of your Party's talking points is alien to your thought process, like asking a Eurotrash soccer fan what his cheer really means). "Saved or created" is as meaningless and devoid of real content as calling Obama policies "Tastes great, less filling!" By that kind of retarded claim, everyone who had a job when Bush took office and still had one when he left would be a job Bush 'Saved,' and the 'Created' part includes every Christmas temp and 60-day construction boondoggle job in the last four years...even if the SAME PERSON might have held four or five of those 'Obama-created' jobs in that time.
All that is true, DAT. Obama, demagogue that he is, will claim, it seems, almost anything and find people who will believe it. Last week he declared that he had cut 1 trillion dollars in spending...(?)...........I heard him declare that GM was a profitable investment and claim that money had been paid back....(?). None of that is true, of course, but learning the whole truth might mean someone has to do more than listen to headlines, and that, of course, may mean they would have to listen to (shudder) Fox News or CNN or BBC.

I fear the free market economy has been destroyed. Lanie believes that companies should be made to make promises regarding how many people they will hire. I have to wonder how many others believe that.
Lanie took a job out of college with a company that preys upon uneducated or undisciplined people, and she believes that job should be regulated out of existence by the President.
And Lanie ignores the fact that it was the Democrats in the legislature that supported the nit-wit mortgages that resulted in the real estate crisis.

The miracle of being a liberal requires that you either know nothing, or discard what you know and just go with your feelings.