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I think you have sided with evil because you have joined with Satan.

Just for that, I'll eat a bacon sandwich to your face. lol.

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Communism is evil. So are the people that defend and promote it.


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This isn't communism. We still have businesses and open markets. History shows that any time somebody came up with an idea to help those less fortunate (the New Deal, Medicare), there was always somebody there to claim it was communism.

How many times has this country worked with Britain, Australia, Israel, and others of a similar government? They all have set ups you all would consider to be communist.

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I replied to you with facts and you have a problem with that?

OK, from now on I'll just call you silly nicknames, deflect your comments and make all my responses to you on a personal level. You know, typical douchebag stuff.
I think I responded to your facts. I'm talking about the fact that you told me to repent and find myself a conservative man. I don't want a conservative man, not if they're going to declare I'm evil. They can't declare that I'm evil unless we're role playing.