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  1. #1 Wendy’s Franchise Cuts Employee Hours To Part-Time To Avoid Obamacare 
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    DUers shocked and angry that small businesses act in their own best interest.

    warrior1 (8,559 posts)

    Wendy’s Franchise Cuts Employee Hours To Part-Time To Avoid Obamacare

    Not long after the owner of the Olive Garden and Red Lobster chains admitted their anti-Obamacare campaigns hurt more than helped, the owner of a Wendy’s franchise in Omaha, Nebraska plans to cut 300 employees’ hours to part-time to avoid providing them with health care coverage.

    By moving workers to part-time status in order to avoid paying for their health benefits, the Wendy’s franchise would shift the costs of insurance coverage onto hundreds of employees:

    The company has announced that all non-management positions will have their hours reduced to 28 a week. Gary Burdette, vice president of operations for the local franchise, says the cuts are coming because the new Affordable Health Care Act requires employers to offer health insurance to employees working 32-38 hours a week. Under the current law they are not considered full time and that as a small business owner, he can’t afford to stay in operation and pay for everyone’s health insurance.

    But anecdotal evidence suggests this strategy may backfire on the Omaha Wendy’s operations. This fall, Denny’s quickly distanced itself from a franchisee’s similar ploy, while Darden Restaurants saw a sharp 37 percent drop in profit after threatening to cut workers to part-time.


    leftstreet (21,639 posts)

    4. Why didn't Obamacare address this?

    no one could have predicted...
    Systematic Chaos (8,032 posts)

    7. Don't worry about it. They're about to destroy their business with a one-two punch.

    Completely fucked morale + spike in turnover = horrible product and service.

    Bye-bye Wendy's franchisee. It's been nice knowing ya.
    DogPawsBiscuitsNGrav (58 posts)

    11. There may be several thousand companies planning on doing this that we haven't heard

    about. If they all start doing it, we obviously can't boycott them all and cutting employee hours could be the final nail in the coffin of the economy. This could get really ugly if minimum wage workers are forced to pay hundreds of dollars a month out of their own 28 hour a week pay checks.

    Does anyone know if there was a back up plan for this situation?
    Ikonoklast (20,497 posts)

    12. Yes, the businesses that have been doing it then see that their help quits in droves

    leaving the dumbass employer up shit creek without a paddle.

    They then have to do an emergency hire to fill the vacant slots, all the while losing business as their service goes down the tubes.

    Many quietly rescind their public bloviating soon after discovering they just shot themselves in the foot.

    Some had to do it publicly, like Darden.

    But, keep up with the Concern Posting!

    I see you are totally ignorant of the provisions of the ACA and where low-income employees fall under the provisions of that law.

    No one making minimum wage will have to pay 'hundreds of dollars a month' out of their paychecks for health care.
    BWC (12 posts)

    17. I used to work for a Darden restaurant

    They cut everyone down to less than 30 hours. Obamacare is not going to be easy to implement that's for sure
    stultusporcos (56 posts)

    21. We have the power to stop this nonsense

    Stop eating corporate food.
    Right. It isn't good enough that those employees now earn less because they cannot work full time, it's BETTER, TO THE LIBERALS THINKING, that they not have jobs at all.
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    It's Bu$hHitler's fault!!!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    leftstreet (21,639 posts)

    4. ...

    no one could have predicted...

    Were you NOT paying attention?

    Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.
    Ronald Reagan

    We could say they are spending like drunken sailors. That would be unfair to drunken sailors, they're spending their OWN money.
    Ronald Reagan

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    Who works at Wendy's full time anyway?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    Who works at Wendy's full time anyway?
    Apparently in the new Progressive economy jobs like Wendy's will be the typical middle class income.
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    Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
    Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
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    At one point in time, LONG ago, I did work fast food management...we were ALWAYS told to keep as many employees under the magic 30 hours anyway cause they did not want to offer them health insurance back then...this is nothing new and not a result of Obamacare, it's just made it more obvious. It's actually been alive and well since the 70's.
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    Wendys quality has gone downhill since Dave died. The burgers just aren't as good as they used to be. They used to be thicker and tastier, and look more like the ones in the ads.

    I remember when Wendys first came to GR, when I was in high school. We'd go there and each of us, except my brother, would eat a single and a frosty and share a large fries. My brother would have a triple, a single, a large frosty, a large chili and a large fries. I'll bet the whole meal at Wendy's for all 5 of us cost under $10, including my brother's tray of food. These days, I take teenage boys to buffets. It's more cost effective.
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    I have to commend Wendy's here. Mostly for the fact that they are trying to avoid what thousands of other businesses will be doing to avoid paying for obamacare; that being a mass layoff. Liberals should be happy here. Then maybe they will realize it when they start getting $500+ more a month taken out of their paycheck to pay for obamacare.

    They are starting to come around with the more they are paying for social security tax ...

    Point in case for this anyway: Who would make working at a fast food establishment a career anyhow? Oh, a liberal would.

    I love my God, my country, my flag, and my troops ....
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    Some of the Moonbats over at DU seem to want companies like Wendy's to go under.

    They won't be happy until all private enterprise is destroyed and we have to stand in line four hours to get TP.

    Didn't someone just do a thread on what the world would look like if the Nazis won WWII?

    Here's your answer.
    CU's Paranormal Expert.

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  10. #10 This is a simple case of business adapting to the latest regulatory enema. 
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    Expect to see a lot more.
    Support diversity. Own firearms of every caliber.
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