By Kelli B. Grant

Weight-loss pitches come fast and furious this time of year: diet meal delivery plans, gym memberships, even high-tech scales. Now, there are smart utensils that monitor how fast you eat.

Kelli B. Grant

The $99 HAPIfork, available this spring, uses sensors to monitor its movement from plate to mouth. It tracks the number of forkfuls per meal and per minute, and it times the interval between each. The fork lights up and vibrates when the diner eats too fast — that is, if there are fewer than 10 seconds between forkfuls. With the smart fork, “you will greatly improve your digestion, and you’ll likely start losing weight,” says a company spokesman. (Presumably, any weight loss is from eating less and slowly, not from food that vibrates off the fork and onto the floor. The HAPIfork vibration is similar to the buzz of a vibrating cell phone.) Although dining data can be tracked over time, the information must be downloaded to a computer after each meal. A spokesman says a Bluetooth version is in the works.
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A truly smart fork would know better than to get between me and supper, that would be a sure way to be reduced to scrap metal!